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Irvine Senior Connection Advertising Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in advertising in the Irvine Senior Connection, the City of Irvine Senior Services' quarterly publication. Please fill out the fields below and allow one business day to be contacted by City staff.

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(Please provide the name of your agency and contact phone number and email, then provide the information of the organization you are looking to advertise for.)

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By signing and submitting this insertion order, Authorized Representative(s) agrees to the following:

All advertisement content is in compliance with City standards, as outlined in the Irvine Senior Connection advertising packet. All advertising content and placement is subject to approval by the City.

Ad space requests processed and reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. All advertising must be paid in full, in advance of placement. Ad placement contingent upon space availability unless advertiser agrees to pay an additional 10 percent for “Preferred Placement” as stated in the Irvine Senior Connection advertising packet.

Graphic services provided by City to create or edit digital advertisements will be charged separately in accordance with the “Ad Design Fee” as stated in the Irvine Senior Connection advertising packet, and are payable upon completion.

Advertisements must be relevant to the Irvine senior community, and not contrary or detrimental to the City mission, organizational values, image, or interests. City reserves the right to refuse any advertisement that promotes tobacco, alcohol, pornography, obscenity, messages of a political or religious nature or connotation, weapons, or for any other reason. Content promoting products for medical or medicinal use is not permitted. City reserves the right to reject requests for advertisements, cancel, or renew previously approved advertisements, at any time, for any reason or no reason at all.

Advertising rates effective January 10, 2023. Rates are subject to change.

Individual(s) executing this insertion order on behalf of the parties hereto warrant that: (i) such party is duly organized and existing; (ii) duly authorized to execute and deliver this insertion order on behalf of said party; and (iii) such party is formally bound to the provisions of the insertion order.

I hereby acknowledge and agree to all terms and conditions of this insertion order as set forth herein.