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City of Irvine Special Events

Field of Valor

Sponsorship Form

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Would you like your name to appear on the card attached to the flag, in addition to the honoree name?

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Fourth of July Field of Valor Flag Sponsor

The Field of Valor Flag Sponsor level is $65 a flag. There is a limit of 50 total flags for this event. You can submit one flag sponsorship per form. Sponsorships are available on a first-come, first-served basis and will close when 50 flags are sponsored, or on June 27. 

For the flag, please complete the following information.

If the Flag Honoree information is left blank, the note on the flag will read "Flag courtesy of (Contact Name Above)."

For the Honoree, should the card read "In honor of..." or "In memory of..."?

Please complete the information below, including signature and checkbox acknowledgement, to authorize payment.

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