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Irvine Animal Care Center

6443 Oak Canyon Irvine, CA 92618


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Thank you for your interest in adopting a new family member from our center. In an effort to help you find your match please provide the following information.

Do you own or rent your residence?


I want this animal for (check all that apply)

What is your experience with the animal that you are interested in?

Where will this animal be kept?

The adoption of an animal is a commitment for the life of an animal and should be a carefully thought out decision. Since this a lifelong companion, are you willing to make the investment in both time and finances to care for and properly manage your new pet?

Thank you for your honest answers. The information you provide will help us find a pet that is suitable for you.

The City of Irvine takes your privacy seriously.  This form asks you to provide the City with certain personal information. Such information is being requested and will be utilized by the City for the specific and limited purpose of future City correspondence regarding the subject-matter of this form. Pursuant to Measure S, an initiative ordinance passed by City voters in 2008, all information provided on this form will be kept confidential. Unless you expressly indicate to us otherwise or unless compelled by a court order, it will not be shared with other agencies, businesses or individuals.