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Form 54-51:Acknowledgement of Procedures

City of Irvine Kids Club Procedures:

  • Registration: Please log on to to select the options you would like your child to attend Kids Club. You have the flexibility to register weeks in advance or the weekend prior to the week of attendance.
  • Payments: Payment for the program is due at the time of registration. We do offer a payment plan option with 10% down, and final payment processed to your card on file, 10 days prior to service date for applicable programs.
  • Email Notifications: Any changes or cancellations to your child’s schedule must be made through our site-specific attendance email. This email will be provided upon confirmation of receipt of your Kids Club paperwork. Any changes to your childcare schedule must be made by 10 a.m. on the first day of service for each session to ensure removal or addition to the rosters. An email confirmation will be sent upon receipt of any schedule changes.
  • Late Notifications: Any requests for service submitted after 10 a.m. will be assessed and determined by the Program Director. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate late service requests based on scheduling and staffing limitations. You will be notified as soon as your request has been assessed, and a determination has been made.
  • Late Notification Fee: Accommodations made for requests submitted after 10 a.m. will be assessed a $5.00 service fee. Late notification fee and registration fee will be due the same day services are rendered.
  • Registration Cancellations, Withdrawals, No Shows and Sick Days: Withdrawal requests are charged a $5.00 withdrawal fee per transaction. Withdrawal/Refunds are not available once the session begins. If a participant misses a day, no credits or make-up days will be available.  Requests received between two and nine days prior to the start date are processed less 50 percent of the enrollment fee.
  • Credit: Any credit applied to your account can be used for any future registration. 
  • Late Pick Up Fee: Kids Club closes promptly at 6 p.m. daily. A late pick up fee of $5.00 is assessed for each 15 minutes (or portion thereof) per child, beginning at 6:01 p.m.

This notification, with your signature to acknowledge receipt, will be added to your child’s Kids Club folder.

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Additional Emergency Information and Pick Up Sheet

It is imperative that program staff have emergency phone numbers to contact a relative/friend at any time during program hours. Additionally, I authorize the following person(s) to pick up my child in my absence:

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