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Form 52-88: Child Services Disciplinary Policy

We would like to inform you of our Child Services Disciplinary Policy in order to establish a clear plan of action for the discipline of offenses, such as hitting, kicking, disruptive behavior, name calling, and physically harming another child. Although there has always been a no tolerance stance in regard to behaviors leading to physical harm of another, this letter is to inform you of our procedure regarding such incidents. Strikes will be issued if Child Services rules are broken. Program rules are as follows:

  1. BE SAFE
    • Always ask a leader for permission to leave the group.
    • Always take a partner to go anywhere away from the group.
    • Stay in bounds.
    • Nobody gets hurt.
    • Listen to leaders.
    • Keep hands and feet to self (no hitting, pushing, kicking, etc.)
    • Be nice to others.
    • Use kind words, no profanity or insults.
    • Play fair.

Therefore, the following actions will be implemented in all cases where a child behaves inappropriately and/or physically harms another. This will be referred to as the STRIKE POLICY:

  • STRIKE ONE: The first time the child displays any behavior listed above, a time out will be given and a "Behavior Contract Warning" will be given to the parent/guardian. At this time, the parent will be informed of the "First Offense." Child will be removed from program.
  • STRIKE TWO: Parental Contact will be issued and the child will be permanently removed from Child Services for the remainder of the day. Parent or other emergency contacts are required to pick up the child immediately.
  • STRIKE THREE: Child will be suspended from the Child Services program until a meeting is held with the Child Services Director and Program Coordinator. At this time, the possibility and conditions of reinstatement will be discussed.

An offense is defined as hitting, biting, kicking, basic disruption of program, pushing, use of foul language, and where a child intentionally causes harm to another in any way (emotionally and physically). Children should be aware that they will be held responsible for their action and that injuring, name calling, or disruptive behavior to another is never acceptable, nor will it be tolerated in our program.

Please note, in order to ensure the safety and well-being of all program participants, any behavioral issue deemed to be flagrant and egregious is subject to immediate expulsion from the program.

We would like the assistance of parents to emphasize these rules. We are asking each parent and child to read this policy and sign below to indicate their understanding and commitment to adhere. Please help us in our efforts to make Child Services a safe, fun place for all children and staff. As always, we are willing to sit down with parents individually to discuss issues that may specifically involve their children, and would be happy to enforce or encourage any special reinforcement programs you may have developed with your child. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns do not hesitate to contact the Child Services Director. Please sign this form prior to your child’s participation in our program.

Your signature indicates you have read, understand, and will adhere to the policy as outlined above.

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